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Should I Eat Bananas everyday?


One of the most important parts of bodybuilding is to take the right kind of diet as you workout super hard in the gym. Yes, working out remains on the top of the list when it comes to bodybuilding but we also cannot deny that diet is a vital part too. A proper diet plan and workout go hand in hand when it comes to bodybuilding. We know that protein is the most import thing that you need to build your muscles and that is why most of the bodybuilders keep their concentration on a protein-rich diet neglecting carbohydrates. To build muscle tissue protein remains the most important ingredient but that doe not means it is fine to leave carbohydrate out of the picture as it is vital too. One way to source a good amount of carbohydrates along with minerals and vitamins is eating a banana.


Now there must be too many questions popping in your head like should I eat a banana if I want to build muscle? or is banana good for bodybuilding? or is banana the right source for carbohydrate intake?   

Well, banana is completely fine for your diet plan and you can straight away go to your gym trainer to ask about including it in your diet if you have any doubts. Here are some benefits of banana to clear your doubt on “is banana good for bodybuilding?”

There are so many benefits hidden under the peel of banana like for bodybuilders –


Banana is a great diet controller as it has 11% of dietary fiber that helps in controlling overeating curbs. Banana is a fiber-rich fruit and helps in proper digestion and maintaining low blood sugar level. Also, banana just has 108 calories which makes it a great option to eat.

Potassium content


Banana is an extremely bodybuilding friendly fruit. Other than having enough amount of protein and carbohydrates, banana also has 10% of potassium suggested in a diet of a bodybuilder. Is you are working on building your muscles and then potassium is an important block as it helps in curing the sore muscles in the body.

Eating pattern.

Eating whole meals at once is one idea that most of the bodybuilders avoid for the prime reason of saving themselves from gaining extra weight. For this, many bodybuilders eat in breaks of 2 to 3 hours. , therefore, eat 2 or 3 bananas at a time so if you think is banana good for bodybuilding, then yes it is because the fruit satisfies body’s need of vitamins, minerals, protein, hunger, etc. An average size banana has 100 to 110 calories which save the bodybuilders from gaining extra weight.



Calories in an average banana are around 100 which is great because it provides the body with several other vital nutrients. It contains a band of important vitamins and minerals that help in bodybuilding like copper, iron, Vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin B6. Banana is also a great source of potassium and fiber.

Muscle building smoothly.


Smoothies are the one go-to thing for all bodybuilders as it helps with nutrient intake and satisfies the hunger too. Green banana when paired with peanut butter, which is very rich in protein, makes a great smoothy that is filled with benefits. You can also add protein powder in the smoothy.

Source of Energy


Banana is a great source of energy and will keep you working for longer. So if you are wondering is banana good for bodybuilding then yes it is because it will give you the energy that will help you in working out better. Trainers suggest having banana either before workout or post workout. Having a banana before your workout will provide you instant energy that will help you in working out with more intensity. If you have a banana post workout then it will help in restoring the glucose in the muscles and will help in building muscles when you combine it up with protein.

If you still have the question of “is banana good for bodybuilding” after reading all this then let me tell you one thing. Banana is one of the most popular fruit in the world and it is the most suggested one in American diets for bodybuilders. One prime reason for the same is because for bodybuilding the athlete needs more calory intake then they burn and eating fatty food to gain calories is not the solution. Also banana provides so many benefits that lead to better workout with high intensity.



Although it is a fruit and you may think it won’t have any negative effects but keep this in mind that too much of anything can be a little harmful. Banana is a great energy source and if you are working on a bodybuilding plan then you should definitely include banana in your diet but eating a whole bunch is not the right thing to do. A limited number of bananas should be eaten each day rather than having a whole bunch. It has high carbohydrate content and also has other vitamins and minerals but they are not sufficient and that is why it is important to have a balanced diet to be able to receive all that your body needs in the right amount. Most athletes take bananas either before or after their workout but one can have a banana in the breakfast too. Fasting from night to morning causes the glycogen levels in the body to drop and banana helps in restoring them.

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