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Bananas are perhaps the favorite fruit for fitness fans. Although it has a bad reputation for inducing sugary carbs into the body, it also provides ample nutrition to the body inside out. It contains high fiber and low calories. Banana acts as a fast-acting carb and the potassium easily loses through sweat. If eaten before working out, it should be eaten 30 minutes before working out. It provides satiation and helps in losing weight. Fitness fans eat bananas to build muscle even after an intense workout. 

Ripe bananas fulfill sugar cravings more naturally. It makes bananas a perfect addition to desserts and post-gym smoothies or shakes. Eating bananas to build muscle before working out might provide you additional energy to exercise better.

  • High vitamin and potassium content

Banana before or after workout

When people mention eating bananas to build muscles, they speak of the potassium content in them. Bananas are rich in potassium, resulting in healthy blood flow throughout the body other than governing muscle and nerve functioning. Most people don’t know that bananas are also rich in vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 provides healthy neurotransmitter levels and supports brain functioning. Very few number fruits provide vitamin-B6, and banana is one of them.

  • It helps the body in utilizing protein effectively

Banana before or after workout

Bananas are carbohydrate-rich fruit. Consuming protein along with eating bananas to build muscles is highly recommended by fitness trainers. The carbs present in the fruit helps in stimulating the muscles’ ability to absorb and utilize the protein. It allows the muscles to recover after an intense workout and increases muscles’ creation, limiting the breakdown.

  • Reduces inflammation

Banana before or after workout

Banana is rich in beneficial compounds like dopamine and polyphenols other than being rich in carbs. Eating bananas to build muscles means having this combination of compounds and carbs that prevents excess inflammation after an intense workout.

  • Replenishes muscle glycogen

Banana before or after workout

Eating carbohydrate-rich food like bananas after exercising results in insulin hormone release, helping move the body’s sugar content from the blood to the muscles. The muscles store the sugar as glycogen. Eating bananas also makes the muscle cells further sensitive to insulin, making it easier for the body to replenish the glycogen post-workout. Bananas speed up the rate of muscle glycogen formation. Hence people who do not get a 24c hour gap before their subsequent workout session eat carb-rich food like bananas.

Green or ripe bananas contain resistant starch instead of sugar. Resistant starch does not get stored in the small intestine like other foods. It goes to the large intestine, where the starch serves as a fuel source for bacteria, resulting in the release of beneficial compounds for the body.

So to conclude, we can say that bananas are rich in good kinds of carbohydrates that are required by the body. Simultaneously, it is also high in essential body nutrients like potassium, and protein, both of which are muscle friendly. Bananas are also a highly portable snack, so those who wish to maximize their performance during a workout eat bananas to build muscles before the training. Simultaneously, those who want to optimize their recovery after their workout session prefer eating fruit after the workout.

Written by Priya Rai

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