Smoking makes 1 in 3 young adults at high risk for severe COVID-19

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There was a new study held in the University of California, San Francisco where it was said 1 in 3 adults who are between the age of 18 to 25 could contract the severe form of COVID-19 which can result in them being hospitalised.

It also said that smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes can both be risky for this age group and can cause severe COVID-19 to them.

Otherwise, smoking has resulted in significant problems like asthma, obesity, immune disorders and many more such problems.

Smoking cigarettes caused a lot of problems for young adults as they seemed healthy before getting sick with COVID-19, and there were major complications which also resulted in deaths in some situations.

Earlier during the start, it was just the older people who got severely affected by the COVID-19, and now the younger people have started to get severely affected by this.

Young people are at a high risk for severe COVID-19 just because of smoking majorly.

Here’s why the risk is high for young people:

High risk for severe COVID-19
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There was a research done for the age group around 18 to 25 years old where it was recorded about the people who are at the risk of health vulnerability for COVID-19, and it came that people who have diabetes, obesity, a heart condition, immune disorder and smokers are the ones who can get it at a severe level.

The conclusion was that 32 per cent of the crowd is at the risk of getting the disease, and most of these people were the ones who smoke. When you go deeper to know about the young adults who are at risk, then it is 16 per cent of the total.

The study overall showed that smoking is not good for health no matter whatever the age is, and it can severely increase the risk of getting COVID-19.

Why are so many people contracting the virus?

When coronavirus started spreading the most focused group were the adults as it becomes risky, but with the virus spreading more, it came to light that even young people have risk when it comes to this virus.

It is concluded that young adults tend to get this virus because of smoking and going out to public places like pubs, bars, restaurants and much more. People who are at high risk for severe COVID-19 are usually smokers.

The takeaway here is to stop smoking-

High risk for severe COVID-19
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Young adults need to understand that smoking is not going to take them anywhere, and it will only destroy their health. The young adults should avoid smoking because it can also increase their risk of contracting the virus.

It has been stated that there is a high risk for severe Covid-19 for smokers who are around the age of 18 to 25, so it is essential that they take care of themselves and their immune system. Though it just isn’t about the smokers but the majority of people getting it are the people who smoke a lot.

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