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Here is how Snooki weight loss happened.


Hundreds and thousands of people each day take up their first steps to their aspirations. It may look easy but it never is. There are obstacles in the path of your success. There always will be obstacles but the success never comes easy right? Losing weight is one such thing. It is on the wish list too many people and all it takes is one step to start. So, here is how Snooki weight loss happened


While the reason for the change can be anything, it definitely does a lot good to your body in many terms. Weight loss means a complete change in your lifestyle. If you wish to lose weight you have to turn your lifestyle into a healthy one. This is what Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi did to lose all those extra kilos and now she is 50 pounds lighter.

Yes, the girl who was extremely popular for being a drinking party beast turned her lifestyle upside down in order to bring change to her body.


Here is the Snooki weight loss story that will motivate you in order to get started. Snooki weight loss journey was never an easy one but she was determined and was able to find out her results.

Snooki gained her popularity from the Jersey Shore reality show, and soon the world knew her as the girl who can never stop partying and drinking. She had her life around an extremely unhealthy lifestyle and it was clearly visible on her body. But just like every change demands a reason, she must have been looking for one too.  Right after she became a mom, she changed her lifestyle and got everything healthy. She had a heavy body back then but not anymore.


Recently she decided to talk about Snooki weight loss and shared the information about the transformation of both her body and her lifestyle.

She said all she had to do was keep her motivation and go to the gym each day along with eating healthy at all times. She said that this was not the biggest challenge for her but leaving out alcohol was.


A night of alcohol consumption can give you as much as 2000 calories. Yes, the drinks taste great and give you the sense of liveliness you wish to have but after the drinks, all a person wishes to do is eat and eat all the junk food.

Diet Makeover


While Snooki was pregnant for the first time and all she could do was eat junk. But right when she was in labor and gave birth to her baby she decided something. She chose never to go back to empty calories. Starting from the very day, the first step she took was to not take any food at all for her way home. She cut down on all the processed food, sugary food.  

Working and researching everything she was eating, her search leads to the truth about grains. We presume grains to be one of the healthiest food items but is it true anymore? Snooki found out that over the years and with the change in the industry the grains are not natural anymore. They go under the procedure of processing, stripping an after that they are constituted in a form that it becomes beyond recognition.


Going under the procedure takes out all the nutritional benefits of the grains and leave them as empty calories. The new grain is a non-grain that is causing harm to the bodies.

It is a truth that grains are hard to digest; Snooky did her research and found out why it was. They also make it harder to absorb nutrients from other food. She also found out that grains make body fat. The blood insulin level also gets spiked up as they have a lot of sugar content and carbohydrates.


Snooky observed that when she had grains included in her diet she was always hungry. That is when she decided to make a wise choice. She replaced her grains with vegetables and a lot of fruits in her diet. Rather than taking a wheat bun for her burgers, she would go for lettuce to wrap around the patty. Rather than going for a cereal bowl she would enjoy munching on her yogurt. Small steps brought her far with a sugar-free diet.

She left her alcohol habits, cut all the processed food out of her diet and also kept away from consuming wheat. This affected her body a lot in a positive sense. She lost almost 2 pounds each week after she made the changes.

Workout plan.


Cardio is an important part of losing weight. Snooky had her major focus on weight training but apart from that, she used to do cardio 3 to 4 hours per week. She would burn 700 calories approximately in each session.

She had her doubts that working out will make her fatter but her trainer explained to her how this is a myth and if done rightly, strength training is a great way to lose and never really gain the fat again. It leans down the body and burns up the fat.


She took up her workout regime and was working days from Monday to Friday. The one thing she kept conscious of all the time was she never let herself rest for more than a minute while switching from one exercise to another or in between the repeats.

She had a lot and a lot of water at all times to keep herself hydrated. For her pre-workout, she always used to have a banana and within 20 minutes of her workout, she used to have her protein drink.

Occasionally she lost all her weight and now looks stunning and feels stunning. I hope her story turns out to be of great motivation to you too.  

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