The exciting story of Beth Chapman Weight Loss

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

You must be knowing Beth Chapman, the reality television star and producer? Then you should be aware of her extreme weight loss journey as well. She has lost 50 pounds at a breakneck pace. Though she has undergone surgery to reduce her weight and get rid of the fat, she is smartly balancing her weight loss and maintaining it.

She was much talked about in the glamour world because of her weight. But she never wanted to lose weight to look better. She was a happy-go-lucky personality who was content with her looks. But all of a sudden, she had the idea of losing her weight to gain back her fitness. She struggled a lot to reach the results where she is now. Please have a glance here to view her exciting weight loss journey. 

Beth Chapman weight loss

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

Beth worked on her lifestyle at the very beginning of her weight loss journey. She shifted her sedentary life to an active one. She gave up her habit of munching junk food like chips, fries, and others. She began eating healthy and wholesome food.

Along with cutting on her unhealthy food habits, she started working out. The workout had a variety of exercises including cardio.

Diet that Beth followed to lose weight

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

Beth ate a lot of vegetables and fruits. She included leafy veggies like cabbage and lettuce. Later these veggies became her favorites. She ate easily digestible food that degrades or metabolizes faster. She had tuna, mushroom, buttermilk, lentil soup, green tea, digestive biscuits, colorful fruits, multigrain, black coffee, avocado, and many other foods on the low-calorie side. She used to drink plenty of water and fluids.

Beth’s weight loss exercises

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

Beth followed a healthy work out regime. She started with a warm-up and gradually moved on to intensive activities of which cardio forms the base of the entire work out. She focused mostly on the toughest part of her body that is the central part of the shoulder area, breast, waist, and tummy region. Her primary obesity reduction exercises included crunches, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, and many more. She also gave her attention to other areas of her body and worked out for them, even like pushups, dumbbell flys, burpees, and others.

Weight loss surgery

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

People are talking about whether Beth has undergone weight loss surgery or liposuction, but that should not be the main focus. The problem is how her determination has helped her to reach her goals. She has probably undergone breast reduction surgery to change her dimension. She is now flaunting her body like a Diva and enjoying her lighter, fitter, and healthier body.

At present, she is 82 kilos, with a height of five feet seven inches, and vital statistics of 42-32-26. She is now healthy and happy and does not care about what others said about her. Instead, she loves the comments of her fans.

How can you maintain your reduced weight?

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

If you are also inspired by Beth, here’s how you can maintain your body weight. 

  1. Keep away from junk food
  2. Eat leafy vegetables
  3. Eat seasonal fruits
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Drink plenty of water and fluids
  6. Cut on carbs and high-calorie foods
  7. Walking and cardio performance

Adverse effects of weight gain

Beth Chapman Weight Loss

Some of the adverse effects of weight gain can actually affect us. There are several lifestyle diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, joint pain (arthritis) that occur.

  • Diabetes mellitus: It happens due to the excess presence of sugar in the blood. It can be reduced by cutting on the carb diet.
  • Hypertension: With increased weight, the cholesterols get accumulated on the walls of the arteries and veins and cause vasoconstriction, thus increasing blood pressure.
  • Heart disease: The arteries of the heart get blocked with fat layers and affect the pumping capacity of the heart.
  • Joint pain: The legs become incapable of holding the weight of the body, which leads to the loss of fluid of the joints, thus causing pain in the lower limbs.

Beth Chapman’s message to all the curvy women out there

Beth Chapman

According to Beth, women should be beautiful from within and not in their skin. If they want to lose weight, it should be their wish. Weight loss should be for being fitter and healthier. The weight loss journey is not at all tough if one’s focus is persistent. 

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