Did you know your urine colour can reveal your health problems?

urine color
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Not many people might know this, but urine colours differ significantly from person to person. It usually ranges from the dark amber colour to honey colour with several golden shades in between.

The variation in urine colours tells us a lot about our health. With our kidney functioning normally, one’s levels of hydration are specified by the urine colour.

The pigment in our body that gives urine its characteristic yellow colour is called Urochrome. However, some vitamins, medicines supplements, procedures such as chemotherapy or certain diseases can all impact the urine colour.

Sometimes, a small amount of pus or blood might also be observed in one’s urine. This may be caused by certain medicinal drugs or health states.

Urine infections (infections in the urinary tract) are responsible for causing blood and pus in the urine.

Your Urine Colours Reveals Health Problems – See What Each Colour Means.

Why test the urine colour?

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As mentioned above, the urine colour can tell doctors a lot about a patient’s health, particularly his/her hydration levels.

People who stay dehydrated for most of the times are more prone to developing heart-related issues.

The water intake of an individual may also impact the individual’s skin, brain and overall health. Dehydration is a leading reason for (or increased risk to) Alzheimer’s, stones in the kidney and other serious diseases.

Different urine colours and what they indicate-

1. No colour

urine color
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Totally clear urine signifies that you are drinking too much amount of water. In some cases, this might as well mean that you need to reduce the volume of water you are drinking.

Also, consult your doctor as to what is the right quantity of water intake required in your daily life.

2. Cloudy or white urine

urine color
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White or dark urine can happen due to vaginal discharge, certain foods, dehydration or even due to stones in the kidney.

Further tests may be required to look for tiny blood clots, pus, etc. which would indicate some infection.

3. Pale or straw coloured urine

urine color
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This is considered perfectly healthy urine of a hydrated person with no health issues and also signifies that the hydration levels in that person are in the limits.

4. Transparent yellow urine

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Very slight yellow urine that is mostly open transparent means that the individual is rightly hydrated and is having perfect health.

Not to mention that excellent health also attributes itself to other various symptoms.

5. Dark yellow urine

urine color
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Dark yellow urine is usually considered just about normal, and most of the times the colour might as well be due to certain medicinal supports, supplements or vitamin pills.

However, if you are not taking any of the products mentioned above, you’ll need to increase your water intake.

6. Orange/Yellow urine colour

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Taking substantial quantities of carrot juice can lead to this colour of the urine. Medicines such as vitamin B complex, Rifampin, Chlorzoxazone, etc. can also result in orange-yellow urine.

Other factors include heavy dehydration, certain liver disorders, etc.

7. Yellow-Brown urine

urine color
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Certain medicines such as Bismuth, Cascara, Senna (present in laxatives), Nitrofurantoin, Chloroquine, Primaquine, Metronidazole or Sulfonamides can result in this colour of urine. Doctors might need to order further tests to examine your liver health.

8. Dark brown urine colour

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Dark brown urine indicates excess secretion of bilirubin from the liver into the urine. Certain diseases such as Liver cancer, acute Hepatitis and Cirrhosis can make your urine dark brown in colour.

Some medicines containing ferrous salts and laxatives containing senna etc. can also become a reason for dark brown urine.

9. Blue or blue-green urine

urine color

This colour of the urine is typically caused by food colourings as well as by Asparagus. Certain conditions like hypercalcaemia might also be a reason behind such urine colour.

10. Reddish or pinkish urine

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Beetroots, rhubarb, blackberries, certain food colours or chronic mercury or lead poisoning, as well as problems related to, can cause reddish-pinkish urine colour. Medicines such as Ibuprofen, Propofol, Heparin, Salicylates, Methyldopa, etc. can also result in this urine colour.

11. Foaming and fizzing urine

urine color
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Foaming in urine is assigned to a simple hydraulic effect. If not the hydraulic effect, foamy urine could also mean excessive protein intake in the diet or a kidney issue.

If the problem continues, see a doctor immediately.

In conclusion

As can be observed, a lot can be told very quickly about one’s overall health by watching the urine colour.

However, a sophisticated urinalysis and regular physical examination performed by a trained physician should always be given priority over the colour observations.

So, do not be afraid and make it a habit of getting your urine checked on a regular basis. Regularly examining the colour of the urine can indeed be one of the most beneficial things that you do for your health.

Written by Dushyant Gandotra

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