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Veeramachaneni Diet Plan

Veeramachaneni Diet

Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Rao is known as an accountant, but he started becoming famous after his diet plans started going around in Telangana. People started calling him the master of diet magician, and he has started coming on many T.V. channels, events, and debates. He follows a unique diet schedule, which helped him in getting rid of 30 kgs in just three months, and that's why people were surprised and started following his diet and him.

The Veermachanenis diet is famous for the amount of weight loss that a person gets to achieve. He also asks people to call the diet K.E.T.O. diet also, and because of the weight loss, it became a famous diet. The diet helps in getting rid of the extra fat and weight from the body. It also helps in following a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food and exercise. The keto diet is a well-known diet that involves high protein food, high fat, and low carbs in the food. The diet is now called Veeramachaneni diet because of the number of alternatives he used and lost weight.

There is a plan in the diet chart, which are further divided into two groups:

Veeramachaneni Diet
1. Liquid diet plan

2. Solid diet plan

There are some rules that you need to follow in this diet, which is as follows:

Do not eat anything for taste and only eat when you are hungry.
Eat only till your hunger is satisfied, and do not overeat.
Do not eat again until you actually feel hungry.
Do not set a fixed timetable to eat as you should eat whenever you are hungry while following this diet.

He had three rules that he followed throughout his diet, which are as follows:

1 Water:

In the Veeramachaneni diet, It is essential to make sure that you are drinking more than 4 liters of water daily. You cannot skip drinking water, and it is a critical element for this diet schedule. Water plays a significant role in making sure that you are hydrated while following the diet as we all are aware of how important it is to keep drinking water for the body and also a lot of other things because water helps in getting rid of a lot of issues in the body. You have to drink lots and lots of water so that there are effects clearly shown at the end of the diet.

2 Fat diet:

there are various days when you follow and consume only a limited amount of fat. According to the Veeramachaneni diet, there should be 70-100 grams of intake in the first ten days and then 30-50 grams from the 11th day onwards. Only one type of fast food should be eaten, and the quantity should be measured every day according to the grams in the diet chart.

3 Multivitamin tablets:

Veeramachaneni diet suggests people consume multivitamin tablets because they are not consuming fruits and other proteins in the food. He suggests taking one tablet if you are taking two meals and two tablets if you are consuming one meal in a day. The multivitamin tablets can be found in any medical shop, and it is safe to consume them. The multivitamin tablets are also good for many other things like hair and skin, so there is no harm in taking these extra vitamins for the betterment of your body.

4 Lemons:

Veeramachaneni Diet

Lemons play an important role in this diet because it helps a person in losing weight. Veeramachaneni diet also suggests people consume at least one to two lemons every day in any form like in buttermilk or lemon juice so that it becomes easier to lose weight. It is imperative to consume lemons every day while you are following the diet schedule. As we all know, there are different ways in which lemon helps in reducing body weight, like you can mix it in the water and drink and many other effects. Veeramachaneni diet also says that if you start feeling hungry after the meals, then you can consume lemons in buttermilk or any liquid to feel full again. You can also consume nuts on a daily basis in your diet, but you should take care of the quantity because that plays an important role in the diet. If you follow the diet strictly and with every rule, then you will lose the right amount of weight. It is essential to eat the given food products in the diet, but there is no time schedule that you need to follow.

Written by Divya Gandotra

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