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Weird foods from around the world that will kill your appetite

Weird foods

We all love travelling to new places, meeting new people and trying new delicacies. It is always an adventure when our taste buds are introduced to new tastes from different parts of the world. But among these world travellers who have a nag for trying weird foods from around the world but how strong is your appetite?

If you think your stomach can take everything, then you might think again once you see this list. Here is a list of some of the weirdest foods that will make you want to lose your appetite.

Stink Head:


The king salmon fish is one of the favourite delicacies of a fish lover, but have you tried its tried head. Yes, in Alaska head of King Salmon has put in a plastic bag or wooden container and left for fermentation. After the process, the head is eaten in that form. Basically, the dish is a rotten head portion of the salmon fish.



Weird foods

Jumiles also known as the “stinky bugs” are the six-legged insects which measure less than 1 cm and resides underwood logs in the forest. Jumiles are a part of the daily meal in Mexico, mainly in the southern region. The bugs contain strong iodine content and are enriched in B2 and B3. They can be eaten raw or mashed with the molcajete. They are also used in salsa and served with corn tortillas.


Blood pudding:


Even in your wildest thought, you wouldn’t think to have blood in your food, but people in Europe, Spain, Kenya, and Asia consume blood food. Blood pudding is also known as black pudding or blood sausage because they are made up of the blood of animals. Basically, the blood is mixed with oatmeal and other binding agents, and it can be consumed in roasted, grilled, fried or even eat it cold. In Ireland, blood pudding is a regularly served breakfast menu.



Weird foods

Sannakji is a meek flavoured Korean dish in which octopi (small octopus) is cut and served with sesame oil and seeds without cooking.  The pieces keep writhing in the plate, and you have to catch them with a fork. It has a very mild flavour and is difficult to gulp as the tentacles stick to the roof. Therefore it requires a lot of chewing to get it in the stomach.




Bushmeat is a term used for the meat of non-domesticated animals like chimpanzee, rat, fish, money or bat. They are eaten in Africa, mainly West Africa. Bushmeat associate some serious health hazards with them, in fact, researchers think that Ebola is originated from such meat. The villagers consider this dish as a delicacy and their only source of protein.


Frog Sashimi:

Weird foods

Frog sashimi is a dish eaten in Asadachi restaurant in Japan, and there are very few other places in the world where the dish is served. When you order a Frog Sashimi, the chef comes to you with a live frog and starts taking its heart out with the knife and would serve you on ice, soy sauce, and lemon slices with the pair of chopsticks. But there are over 5000 petitions filed against serving this dish as it is illegal to eat living animals.



Wikimedia Commons

Sounds fancy for a dish Shikaro is a famous Japanese dish. It is basically sperm sac or milt of male cod. The dish is available in almost all restaurants in Japan. People eat male genitalia in Russia, Romani, and Sicilian as well. It is eaten steamed or deep fried and famously eaten in winters.


Cobra Heart:

Weird foods

When you Cobra dishes the heart is cut in half in front of you and served the beating heart along with some of its blood. You can even experience the pumping heart in your throat. This dish is very popular amongst the Vietnamese where an eating snake is related to virility. In some places, the cobra heart is served with rice liquor.


Whole Sheep Head:


Whole Sheep Head is eaten in Iceland where the whole head of sheep is eaten leaving the brain. The sheep head is said to taste similar to mutton or lamb, and cheek and tongue are the tastiest part. It is available in all groceries in Iceland. It is prepared by boiling the sheep’s head in the saltwater, and it served when cold.



Weird foods

Khash is soup famously consumed in Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. It made by boiling cow’s feet ankle, and brain and it is flavoured with spices and cooked for 32 hours. Salt and garlic s added when the dish is ready to be served. The dish is mainly consumed in winters and for festive occasions.

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