What are the benefits of lip enhancement?


Lips are that part of the human body that is immediately noticed when someone looks at you. An appealing set of lips is always on everyone’s list of demands, as beautiful lips play an important role in building a positive external look.

The lips are the most sensitive part of your body and require a lot of maintenance as the tissues are soft and are constantly exposed. With time, they can be damaged by dust, smoke, sun, hot and cold food, and other factors. Slowly and gradually the lips start to get smaller and thinner because of a lack of collagen and moisture. Not everyone is blessed with a perfect pair of lips. Some can be uneven, and texture and shape can be different. One can treat the lips and make them more attractive through the lip enhancement process and there are several benefits of lip enhancement.

What is lip enhancement or lip filler?

Lip enhancement or lip filler is a process to get plumper and fuller lips to increase the overall look of the face. It provides enlargement to the lips by using fillers such as Hyaluronic acid, fat, or implants. It is designed to reshape the lips according to the patient’s present volume of the lips, facial features, and necessary elimination or elongation of the lips. There are many different techniques and procedures to enhance your lips and make them more attractive. Lip fillers are one of them. Most professionals prefer Juvederm fillers as they are the industry gold standard in terms of safety and quality.

Benefits of Lip Enhancement:

1) Natural fillers: Lips fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally present in the human body. This hyaluronic acid is present in huge quantities during our childhood, which is why our skin is wrinkle-free and full of volume. With time the acid starts to decrease which causes deep lines and creases. To get fuller lips, one has to restore the hyaluronic acid levels in the body or inject the acid to a particular area to get a younger version of your skin again.

2) Quick and easy: The process of lip augmentation hardly takes 20-30 minutes and it is an in-office procedure that uses an ultra-fine needle, which gives a pinprick sensation for a few hours. There is no acute pain after that and you can continue your day as planned. The results will be more effective with a proper application of moisturizer and petroleum jelly. 

3) Natural look: With cosmetic surgeries, the results are usually not that real, they seem unnatural at times. Lip fillers on the other hand provide a natural look to the lips recovering the aesthetic look and outline of the lips.

4) Effect lasts longer: The result of lip enhancement lasts around 1 year, although the effect can be increased by a touch-up treatment which can be done after 4-5 weeks of the injection. This creates the best foundation for future treatments and you will always get longer-lasting results. It fills up the lipstick lines on the lips caused due to constant cosmetic usage among aging women.

5) No side effects: Side effects or any kind of allergic reaction are very rare as hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance from childhood. Although a consultation from the doctor is necessary in case you are on some medications. In that case, the professional injects a small amount into one’s arm to see if there is any reaction.

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