What are the Impediments in Managing the Health Care System?

Different issues exist in today’s healthcare system. Some of these issues have grown with time and become more complex. Continuously increasing costs is one of the challenges of the healthcare sector. Regulatory changes have also caused issues for the service providers. Due to economic and political changes worldwide healthcare industry is facing more challenges. The protection of patient records is another primary concern for healthcare organizations due to increasing cybersecurity concerns.

The global population is already facing different health issues, including the rising of other chronic diseases. Although digital technologies have evolved big time, it is very costly. As a result, stakeholders, governments, and healthcare providers struggle to deal with financial challenges. With all such impediments, it has become crucial for the healthcare sector to address all such challenges. The relevant healthcare authorities need to consider these issues to bring positive changes in the healthcare environment. Let’s find out what the impediments are in managing the health care system.

  1. Recruiting Qualified Individuals

It has become crucial more than ever to hire qualified individuals who can contribute positively to the healthcare sector. Especially after the COVID-19, it has become more challenging to employ high-qualified and talented individuals. Healthcare administrators are struggling to find reliable and well-educated staff members.

The need for qualified healthcare personnel rises daily due to pandemics, and the shortage is expected to grow. Suppose you want to join the healthcare industry and serve society. In that case, you need to understand that you have to earn a relevant degree. The threat of COVID-19 is not entirely gone, so you may leverage the distance learning opportunities on the internet. It will help you pursue your degree safely. You can opt for a master of health administration to join the healthcare industry and take your career to the next level.

  1. Managing Medicaid and Medicare

The survey conducted in the recent past helped healthcare organizations to identify that managing Medicaid and medicare will be the top impediment in managing the healthcare system. According to experts, medicare payments are also not sufficient to cover the delivery care cost that is causing budget issues for healthcare administrators.

The unemployment due to the pandemic of COVID-19 is another issue. As a result, many people have lost the health insurance that their employers provide. It means that a rising number of unemployed individuals will require Medicaid coverage who are not insured. It is one of the biggest challenges that healthcare administrators are facing currently. Hence, the creation of the right policies is essential to deal with this issue.

  1. Healthcare Management Issues

Impediments in Managing the Health Care System

It is essential to consider the fraud and abuse that healthcare service providers cause. According to a study, around 43% of low-cost services worldwide are known as unnecessary. It is a significant issue for healthcare service providers due to ordering extra tests and processes to prevent liability issues.

Not having highly qualified staff in healthcare settings is another reason for poor healthcare management. Whoever wants to establish a career in a healthcare organization needs to pursue a high-level degree. It will make you familiar with fundamental health management concepts. Poor management in healthcare settings occurs because authorities fail to hire the right person for the right job.

  1. IT Management Issues

While technology has made progress in IT and added value to the healthcare industry, it has also increased security issues to protect patient’s records. In the past few years, cyberattacks on IT systems have increased. So, it has urged IT professionals to take necessary steps to protect valuable data and records. Healthcare organizations hold the responsibility to protect the valuable data of patients. They need to take firm IT measures and hire competent professionals who can undertake this responsibility. With technological advancements in place, it is expected that hackers will not stop targeting vulnerable healthcare database systems. All healthcare organizations must address these issues to maintain their credibility in the eyes of patients.

  1. Financial Healthcare Issues

One of the significant financial issues healthcare organizations face is offering the service at reasonable rates while increasing costs. This increasing cost is due to increases in pharmaceuticals prices, healthcare spending, and insurance premiums. Pharmaceuticals are also facing financial issues due to the rise in the price of vital drugs. Regulatory issues of the healthcare industry also cause financial problems in different ways. New healthcare policies will impact the service providers once they start adapting to these changes.

  1. The Rise in Privacy Issues related to EHR

A few years back, healthcare providers have started to record patient records in digital formats. According to a statistical study, around 60% of hospitals are storing data in electronic records worldwide. These digital systems bring different challenges with them. Electronic health record (EHR) is one of the technological advancements that help healthcare organizations efficiently manage the workflow and avoid burnout. But it is also essential to address the safety issues that consumers are facing.

One solution to EHR-related privacy issues is hiring an EHR consultant or professional to help you create the right strategies. It would help if you looked for an individual who has worked on similar software implementations. Hiring consultants can cause an additional cost for healthcare organizations. But it will be good to address the privacy issues in the long run and make overall implementation efficient and smooth.


Addressing current issues of the healthcare system is the need of time. The world is already facing many healthcare challenges, and COVID-19 is one of its examples. To deal with all such issues and challenges, healthcare organizations need to create firm policies. It will result in improved patient satisfaction and care, leading to excellent outcomes for the healthcare industry. We live in the modern era, so it is essential to address all privacy issues to protect patient’s valuable data and information. It will improve the credibility of healthcare organizations in the eyes of patients. It will make a positive impact on the overall progress of the healthcare industry.

Written by Yogesh Gupta

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