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If eating could help you in losing weight, would it not be spectacular? A diet named Atkins diet was made for this very purpose. Atkins diet is a low-carb diet that facilitates weight loss. This diet basically puts a limit to the carbohydrate intake of an individual and emphasizes on more consumption of proteins and fats. It came into being in 1972 when a cardiologist, Robert C. Atkins wrote a best-selling book about it. It was the Atkins diet that set the ball rolling for low carb diets. Here, we would discuss the Atkins diet: pros and cons along with other aspects of this diet.



Atkins diet is split into a 4-phase cycle to focus more specifically on the requirements of the individual.  

The 4-phase cycle is defined below

  • Phase 1(induction) –

The initial phase requires strict control of the diet where carbohydrate intake is very low, about 20 grams per day. High protein and high-fat foods are consumed.

  • Phase 2(balancing) –

In this phase, nuts and other low carb foods are added back to the diet.

  • Phase 3(diet maintenance) –


When we are close to our target weight, we can add more carbs to the diet.

  • Phase 4(maintaining the results) –

In this phase, we can have as many healthy fats as we want to ensure that it does not affect the balance of weight.



         Now, we would list out the pros or the positives that the Atkins diet has to offer. As the structure of the Atkins diet is so unique, it can very be the diet you are looking for –

  • A catalyst to weight loss

While listing out the positives, let’s start with the basic idea on which this diet was carved out. This diet acts as the basic supplement to help in weight loss purposes. With reduced carbs and high protein and saturated fats, this diet reduces the formation of fatigue, thereby reducing the weight.

  • Zero calorie count


Who likes to count calories while eating right? Well, if you are taking this diet, then there is no headache of counting calories as whatever you eat is healthy and carb-free. So you can eat without worries.

  • Quick results

Atkins diet shows fast results as the diet involves a strict routine. All those who have tried the Atkins diet also admit getting quick outcomes.

  • Easy to use

Unlike other low-carb diets, the components of the Atkins diet are easy to use. No fancy items are included and the availability of the items is also under reach. You can even get all the resources of this diet from your nearby store only.

  • Induces a healthy lifestyle


Atkins diet terminates the use of refined edibles and unsaturated fats and focuses on the intake of saturated fats, proteins, and green leafy veggies. With no unsaturated fats and undesired carbs, cholesterol level remains under control and improves the overall health proportion.

  • Enhances Triglycerides

Low carbohydrate consumption enhances Triglycerides which decreases the glucose in the blood for diabetics and increases good cholesterol.  



There are always 2 sides of a coin right. If the Atkins diet offers you a wide range of advantages, it does not mean that it has zero disadvantages. Here, we would focus on the cons or the negatives of the diet –

  • Health Risks

A person on the Atkins diet has to reduce carbs, fruits, and vegetable intake. This might expose the body to externalities and cause side effects like headache, dizziness, fatigue and even chronic diseases.  

  • Less energy


As we take very few carbs, the energy levels go a bit low. A major part of our energy comes from carbohydrates and if we reduce our carbs intake, the body sometimes suffers the effects of less energy.

  • Too strict of a diet

Sometimes, the Atkins diet proves to be too strict for someone. An individual who is not used to the intake of low carbs might not get on the same page with the diet. And they fail to make the necessary changes in their routine.

  • Counting of carbs with every meal

This diet requires counting the carbs every time we take a meal. And obviously, this is not easy. It becomes tougher when we have followed a diet comprising of sugar and carbs for a long time.

  • Regain of weight


When we reach our target weight, we slightly go a bit easy on our diet. And then, start consuming more and more carbs without having a check on the weight bar.

  • Not suitable for everyone

Atkins diet is not suitable for everyone; this has to be kept in mind. Before starting the Atkins diet, one must consult a doctor or a nutritionist. This might help in overcoming the possible problems that an individual can face in the future.



         When you look for a diet for weight loss what features you look for? Do you look for flexibility, comfort, quick results, easy availability and no worries about the calorie count..right? You can lose weight by eating more. This is what separates the Atkins diet from other diets. Atkins diet not only does all that but also brings a change in the overall eating habits of an individual marking a shift towards healthier routine.  




The Atkins diet has evolved with time and now has become more flexible and diverse. Many books have been written on it and have widened its scope. Back in the 1970s, the idea of not eating carbs was very controversial but as time went by, people have understood its implication and variety of positives it offers. After getting to know the proper pros and cons of the Atkins diet, anyone can figure out whether to follow the diet or not. So, if you want a diet that is flexible, easy, quick and spots on, then the Atkins diet is the day savior for you.

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