What makes hair curly?

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If you have straight hair and you envy the curly hair people, then probably the question of how does the hair swirl just like that cross your mind whenever you see the hair type.

There are ways that a curly hair person manages their hair, which makes some hair curly and another smooth.

There are two theories to why curly hair becomes like that after hair wash. The first theory is that it is all about the hair cells, making some hair follicles turn on the outside edge while the others turn inwards.

Curly hair
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The more significant number of hair cells makes them turn outwards while the fewer number of hair cells make them stay inwards, and that’s how some people get their curly hair.

The other theory is that the difference that is there between the convex and concave sides of the hair strands causes curly hair. It is all about cells position and the number of cells, which causes hair to be curly.

It is said that curly hair keeps the mammals warmer and also creates a defense against heat loss. It is said that the straight hair will stay in the same position and create space around, but the curly hair fills up all the space and keeps it warmer.

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Many mammals have a curly coating of hair, which helps them stay warm and doesn’t affect the cold on their body much.

According to Duane Harland, who is a senior scientist, there is no study about the human hair and why they develop the curly locks. It is said that mammalian hair is ancient, and it started developing before dinosaurs were there.

According to these two theories, the study of curly hair was done to measure the cells in the curly hair strand, and that’s how it supports the theory of cells being more and causing the curls and cells to be less.

Harland said that even after the whole study was done, there has been no conclusion about the cause of curly hair. The only thing that the study made them realize was the number of cells more or less, causing the strands to turn inwards or outwards.

Curly hair
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There was also a discussion that stated that the number of cells being the cause of hair strands is wrong because every animal and human has different hair types, which causes the difference in the texture of the hair.

The study hasn’t been completed yet as there is more future scope to find out about the texture and cause of curly hair. The situation till now is universal, and there are a lot of discoveries that will go into finding the depth of why the curly hair naturally swirls like that and what causes it.

There is a huge science behind it, but it takes to find out the cause of anything, and in the same way, there is a lot to discover about the cause of curly hair.

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